Welcome to Acholi London Choir

Welcome to Acholi London Christian Fellowship Choir (ALCFC) official website.

ALCFC is actively involved in establishing grounds for reconciliation and love for one another through music and advocate for the well-being of children and communities in oppressive and neglected environment.

You are welcome to contribute, be part of us or give feedback on our website, just go to the sign-in page and sign-up with your email.

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  1. Kotis
    July 7, 2014 at 1:41 pm

    I am delighted to come this far with the Choir. Many thanks to every individual member including children who have made the Choir what it is today. A big thank you to all our partners and supporters. The creation of the website is yet another strong foundation being laid for the group to fulfil the call to stand out boldly as true ambassadors of peace, reconciliation and love for one another. I am sure soon there will be thousands of visitors to the site wanting to know more and actively get involved with this unique group with their uplifting songs accompanied by unique skillful playing of ancient traditional instruments.

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