The Acholi London Christian Fellowship Choir is a non denominational choir group formed to play active roles in transforming the lives of disadvantaged, neglected, poor children and communities in the UK and beyond to live normal lives and become responsible instruments of peace, reconciliation and love for one another.

To transform the lives of poor, hard to reach, neglected, traumatised children and communities in the UK and in other war ravaged communities such as Northern Uganda through active participation and advancement in music.

Actively involve in establishing grounds for reconciliation and love for one another through music and advocate for the well-being of children and communities in oppressive and neglected environment.


  • To play active roles in reaching out to the disadvantaged, traumatised, demoralised, hard to reach groups among the Acholi community and other communities in the UK and beyond through Gospel and other songs using the unique traditional instruments.
  • Support charitable causes involving the poor, orphans and the neglected in war and poverty affected areas.
  • Provide activities and opportunities for children in the community to learn and participate in music and other social disciplines so as to develop them into responsible citizens deserving respect and dignity.
  • As reconciliation ambassadors to communities and individuals affected by war, hate, bitterness, misunderstanding and neglect.